Friday, July 4, 2008

The Fourth of July - what's in store for us?

Jim has fixed us a nice breakfast for us - eggs and grits. Doesn't sound too good for you to shout about? We sure like it. Then he gave me a nice bath, clipped nails, lotion, and oh, did it leave me with a better feeling - one in many ways! For one thing, I smell a lot better, Donna Koran style. Hmmmm. When finished, he stopped here to rest with me, and we talked about plans for today. The top of the platter is driving over to Jonesboro to Circuit City. Our printer is not compatible with our computers ~ thanks Vista ~ so we are going printer shopping that will accomidate both of us, without a problem. hahaha

We will see, won't we, but I believe they are out there. . . . Fell asleep before going shopping last night. We have used a 4 - 1 HP printer for three years and have loved it, so we are going after the same thing again. Jim likes to copy, I like to scan, etc. This takes care of both of us!

So, if you live in Jonesboro, Arkansas, we may just see you at Indian Mall Turtlecreekle Mall this afternoon. I'll be the fat woman in my powered chair (this is only if this *Born to Shop* Woman has wandered away from Jim, gotten loose, and am in Heaven's Bliss out in the mall!).

Then what is my cardinal rule? The red camera! I *must* be armoured with my red camera! It is all charged up, too, and has a brand new 2G card in it. Who knows when a blogger moment may come along


Jim just went and looked out. It. Is. Raining.

"So, what," you say? Unless extremely important, it is next to impossible for us to get out - talking about for leisure here, you know, but we *have* had to cancel doctor's appointments due to the rain.

Here's the scoop. Our home is set way back from the street. You see in the picture how far I have to go to get from the care to the building. There is that part. Then there is Jim. You know how sugar is. I'm just so afraid that he will melt should he ever get wet, sugar melts - smacky, smacky, Baby Cakes. Naw, I'm just fooling with you here, but seriously, now. While he is getting the ramps in and out of the Expedition, he gets more than just a little damp - he get soaked. Therefore - you know why they use the word "therefore" don't you? It's to warn you that what is coming up was put *there* *for* something important, so perk up the senses, and be prepared to pay close attention to it - I repeat, therefore, with the sprinkle, sprinkle of droplets from the sky, we do not get me out and about.

See how quickly our plans can change (hasn't happened yet)? We were going. Jim had picked my clothes out. YaY! We found some; some we both loved. He was resting. We were doing all the right things to keep everything calm, cool, and collected. Rest, rest, rest when needed for either of us. I have not found the stone, yet, where it is written that we have to go over there this afternoon. We've just been waiting for me to get out of the hospital to go printer shopping. *Anytime* there is shopping to be done in *this* neighborhood, I'm for pulling out the plugs only, my *spark plugs* are not working as well as they used to.


Jim thinks that it is a GO for Jonesboro. Will it be Office Max or Circuit?

We'll see.

Till Later

Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis

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