Thursday, July 24, 2008

I make mistakes, then have to make corrections

I said this yesterday morning ,"We are off to see Dr. Latiff, the endocrinologist for my diabetes this morning, and Dr. Frankiln, my internist, this afternoon." Not so. It was Latiff in the morning, and Dr. Gubin, the urologist this in the afternoon. The urologist is the same one who did the robotic surgery (see robotic arm in picture) on Jim, and had done the multiple lithotripsies for kidney stones on me previously. I was seeing him for urinary incontinence and infection with blood in my urine. I will be having further testing and CT scans later to determine the source of the incontinence, and whether he can do anything to help me or not. I certainly hope so. And to whether there are more kidney stones.

This has been a rough week. Well, more like a busy week, and I am really, really tired, plus I have a terrific headache. Normally, in the past, I would have been sleeping this day away, but look at me . . . I am here! But, I'm not staying here. This is going to be it for today. As dedicated as I am to publishing a blog entry as near to daily as is possible, I just have to give in today. There just is not enough of me here to do it. Thank you MG!

I do not know enough about my herniated disc to write about it, except that my neurologist has referred me to a neurosurgeon. Now, remember what I said the other day, it is possible Jim has told me something that I failed to "hear" so maybe I do have more information other than it will be in September. When I am not feeling so bad, and my head does not hurt, I may remember better. That's me!! Plus, I'm not really interested in something else right now, are you? It's easy to put it aside for a month.

So, until after further rest . . .

Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis

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