Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A warrior gets his wings

After a 2 1/2 year battle, exactly half his life, with medulloblastoma brain cancer, enduring every kind of treatment available, in this hospital, that hospital . . . this five year old cancer warrior has received his wings. The angels in Heaven are rejoicing over the arrival of this little child of God. We always feel like it is too soon whenever a child dies, for our understanding is limited to our knowledge here on earth. Every child is special, but there was just something about Coleman. He was just a bit of Heaven to our hearts. I know he carved out a place in my heart.

For me I went for years thinking and saying that when I got to Heaven that was the first thing I wanted to ask God, "Why did Robert have to go when he was only sixteen years old?" Oh, how much I have learned. God had HIS plan all laid out for him. His time here was over; He had other things in store for him; all I had to do was just rest and relax in His arms; He would take care of me for, "Beneath His wings of Love abide, He will take care of me." He is there for Peggy, and the rest of the family today.

One day I realized that whenever I got to Heaven it would not matter to me then, for all would be perfect. Our bodies would be changed in an instant as well as those who had gone before us. All suffering would have ceased. Praise God! Our bodies as new. I would be rejoicing at seeing my son once again. The whys and wherefores that have plagued me here on earth would not matter to me any more. The rest of my family, too, would be there, and oh, what a rejoicing there would be. With my earthly vision I can just picture our true happiness, dancing, missing those who haven't come yet, anxious for their arrival, whenever that might be, and this gives me an idea of a day in Eternal Life, for what a day it will be, for there amongst us all will be God in all His Glory! Coleman is with God right now, playing in God's playground. I can just see that little mischievious grin of his.

No tears, for these thoughts bring a smile to my face. There is a song, "No tears in Heaven" and one line says, "No tears well we know." I believe it. Yes, I believe it!

I want to fight for a cure for childhood cancer more than ever now. I know Coleman was a gift to Peggy and Scott, that they felt honored to be chosen as his parents, and wonderful parents they have been, but that does not mean we sit back and let this beast beat upon our children. I have my four great-grandchildren with another one on the way, and I never want to see or know of a single day that one of them would have to go through the horrors of cancer treatment. How these little ones endure it is beyond me, and Coleman is one who underwent it all. Bless his heart, he suffers no more!

From Peggy:
I believe God’s will was done through Coleman. I know it.

For those inquiring:
We will celebrate Coleman’s life on Saturday, Jan. 10th at 10:30 a.m. at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church in Callender. Visitation will also be at the church on Friday the 9th after 4:00p.m.

Also for those inquiring- Instead of flowers, we’d love donations in Coleman's memory made to either:
The Hospice House of Fort Dodge, Iowa
The Ronald McDonald House of Iowa City


See you later Coleman


Dawn said...

That was beautiful, Billie. Now I'm crying all over again.

Ragdoll Billie said...

I cried when I reread before posting on your blog. Today is going to be hard for them. I remember. Think it's why I'm having to take immodium. So many of you girls are the ages of mine, and Peggy was in fact almost exactly a duplicate of my Debbie, and I told her I just wished I could put my arms around her and hold her as I would Debbie. I was just a few years older when Robert died (42). Really believe God has His plans and I know that you believe, too.

God's plans DO NOT fail!

Left you a twitter question.