Saturday, January 10, 2009

IVIG next week and I'm apprehensive

Jim has been washing and getting clothes all ready to go tomorrow. Me? My nerves are on edge big time and my not much use to anyone. I do have to gather up my bed into the suitcase and get it ready sometime. Daughter Debbie will be here tomorrow to help with a few important things like giving Dad a haircut, and helping us with our new phones. If I could read I could do most of it, but I have MG eyes right now, and don't know when they will clear up. She thought it was cool that Mom and Dad got BBs.

I had a lemon of a phone, and went to get something different. Radio Shack has always been good to me, all the way back to the Tandy 1000 days of the mid 1980s when I bought my first computer from them. I just feel comfortable with them. I started browsing the Sprint phones, and much to my wandering eye should appear but what I considered quite a deal on the BlackBerry winter (Go away, go away blackberry winter.... song of my day). It was within the range I could deal with, and after looking all around, feeling this fit the desires of my heart without breaking my bank, it was my unanimous decision, and up to the counter I rolled all set to upgrade my lemon of a phone I had.

Finished, we went down to the Food Court to look over my new *baby*, and as gadgets swirlled round in my head, I thought it was time I did something for Jim, he is always thinking of and doing for me, my grandmother's ring the latest. He has the biggest heart for me. It just took me a little while to understand him and his ways, and once I did that, I found a most giving man. Actually, he might be a giveing man to a fault, especially to the woman he loves. He just looks for ways to show that; his way, not someone else's way.

Ayway, I saw it was easily within my Social Security savings' realm to add him to the plan, too, so back to Radio Shack I proceeded. I needed my purse so back to the Food Court I had to ride, and make up a nice reason - NO lie - for needing it back at the store. It is nice that I have built up a reputation for spendig money on electronics, say like a new computer with every new operating system, one of each here at the house. No slaggard am I!

Before the sales assistant was completed upgrading his phone, who should appeard but you.know.who! YIKES! When he asked what I was buying, I just told him, "You know me whenever I get a little money in my pocket, and then get around electronics." There was enough truth to that that he took it hook, line and sinker.

Since I went for a couple of years of not being to write to sign my name, I was having trouble doing that, so I asked him to come around and complete the electronic signature for me. I stayed there at the counter with the girl, her being in on my little deceitfulness (it a sweet one, though, don't you think?) and he just roamed aroud the store, wearing his phone of a couple of years. I fully believed he had figured out what I was doing. After all, she had the box to his out on the counter. All finished, his new phone was in my purse, the one on his belt? Dead! Once we got out of the store, I gave him his new phone, and told him he needed to take his old one from his belt now because it no longer worked. Come to find out, he was totally, and all relative words, surprised, and began his "You shouldn't" speech, but did not get very far. He is about used to hearing us give that lecture, that he stops now, and just says, "Thank you," and that is what he did. He was totally, genuinely, happily, and anything else surprised. No, he had not figured out what I was doing. He thought I had found something to go along with my phone, and was not even paying any attention to the details when I asked him to help me finish up. Sitting in my wheel chair, it is difficult for me to see all that's going on up on the counter, but it would all would have been visible to him. He. never. looked! Nosey me would have scouted everything, especially the box she had in her hand. Wouldn't have said anything, but ohhh my mind would have been going round and round with ideas putting 2+2 and hoping I was coming up with 4, and it was a phone for me.

We didn't do any more of the shopping we planned on doing because we were too excited to go eat, and check out our phones. Well, let me clarify that. It twere *I* Ragdoll Billie who was anxious to check out the phone. I had been wanting one since I was aware they were on the market. Jimbo has had one for ummm, two years? I think that's right. Whatever it is, it is longer than I. With all of our medical and other expenses, I've never given it a second thought of getting one anytime soon. There have just been too many other things that needed to come first. But THEN..... my wandering eyes beheld the BB at such an affordable price, and I went straight to work making it work for me. Ha ha, ho o, weeeee!

I have found that I *pay* myself for my nerves, stress, side effects, pain & suffering and all other manner of evils by getting me my *little* techno gadgets. Forget the clothing and stuff. Lying in bed, and sittig in the wheel chair, clothing looses its appeal somewhat, not entirely as I'm learning how to wear it differently, and Georga Mae at Dillard's is helping me tremendously. *big smile* I'll be washing up, and making pretty after I get this published. That will make me feel a good bit better, and I can only get that done by getting myself out of pain. Oooooh, let's hope that back surgery that I'll talk about in a later post is going to help lessen the pain.

About this IVIG . . . I'm going to start it at 150, and not go very high to see if I can control the headaches better this time. I think that is the rate. When I finish here, I'm going to check my notebook and see exactly what I've been running it, and know I've been doing 180 the last two times. It's nice to get through early, but not with those headaches I had, IF that was the cause of them. Schalawags. That is what they were. Bad, bad, bad. I want to try to control them, and I am going to set my notebook ahead of time.

Well, there wasn't much about the upcoming treatment. I do want to emphasize the virtural blood drive Manic is running. Blood donation is so necessary. A minimum of 1000 donors per treatment. I'm still not sure if that is per day or the total five days. That needs to be clarified.

So long, farewell for a while. Hope for a working hot spot next week!

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