Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Getting the ball rolling in 2009

Tomorrow is the beginning! The first doctor's appointment of the year. It is with Dr. Campbell, the neurosurgeon; remember him? He's the one who, when a little boy, locked his grandmother out, and ate all the cookies she had bakes, and it was cold out there. He claims the spanking he got was worth it, but I'm wondering if he is remembering all of that correctly. Haha

Next Monday, the 12th is my first IVIG of the year, and I have to tell you I dread it, and am scared. We were unable to access my port last month; what is this month going to bring? They had to press on me so hard that I was sore from it for a couple of weeks. I'm just about ready to say let's just go the vein route like we ended up doing last moth, and not even trying for the port. But it *does* have to be accessed for flushing to prevent infection. Ooooooh me. Not looking forward to all of that. Here is what we did last month. Monday the port worked okay, but Tuesday morning when Terry went to flush it, nothing moved. They removed it from the port and attempted another access with absolutely no success at all. The plunger just sat there. After just a bit of pushing on it, I said for us to just go the vein route, and see what happens. So Julia came and slipped that cannula right into that vein. Think maybe these months of rest have made the veins more acceptable to being stuck and probed? After this success, we left it in the vein the rest of the week until Friday! Why Friday? It blew and bled all over everything while we were getting ready to leave for the hospital, and I do mean it bled every where!! Melissa cleaned that hand and arm up, then Julia came down to stick my right hand, shown here.

Monday, I may let them try the port. Well, no choice. We have to because it has to be flushed. Wonder what happens if we cannot get into it to flush it? Call Dr. Phillips up and tell him we need an oncology nurse to throw the port needle at it? Oooooo, naughty, naughty.

Tomorrow we will schedule the date of the back surgery, which will have to be right after the IVIG so that I keep breathing throughtout, and wake up. Campbell said he is well versed in MG and surgery, as well as having an appropriate anesthesiologist who is, too. I'll just be glad to talk to him tomorrow. I'm sure I'll feel more comfortable, and he will answer a lot of my questions. Whew! Loooong deeeeep breath.

Once the back surgery is over, you are liable to find me cutting the rug just any ole place, but not with just any ole guy, no sirree. Dig us here. You *know* who my man is don't you? Yeah, he's been showing me a good time. He knows how up-tight I am over all that's coming down the road face to face, still another untried. We're dancing the gitters all away. Yeah, from bed to potty! That's now. Just wait until it's all over!

Let go!

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