Saturday, January 17, 2009

Let a smile be your umbrella!

Home, sweet home. This month's treatment is finished,
It was a good week with no serious side effects until Thursday,
but they have shown themselves vividly since then.
I have slept most of the time since I have been home,
and feel I must continue to do so for me to recover adequately.
Things are just going too well for me to rush it along.
I will make more comments on Twitter about my progress.
However, as my title says, "Let a smile be your umbrella,"
let that be your mantra, also.
Come back, view my card.
Now, I'm off again to watch the Train to Washington.
I've lost one of my hearing aids and cannot hear,
but at least I can watch the pictures and text on CNN.
I'll be back around later.

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