Friday, March 14, 2008

Up and at 'em, get out of here this morning!

If it was *anything*, anything at all other than getting my hair washed, I would not, definitely would not have gone any place, any where, any time, any . . . do you get that I would not have gotten out of bed for anything at all this morning? I am weak, and my legs just barely will get me to the bathroom, and that has been with a couple of stops between here and there, with the last one feeling like I would have an *accordion* (the legs giving, me sinking, folding, accordion fashion - falling, per se) to the floor. *THAT* is with enough warning, unlike at the dentist's office, for when I start to go, I gooooo!

So, you see that going to get my hair washed was considered an absolute necessity or I would not have had Jim literally pull this body out of this hold-all-everything bed! Together, we made it, though. Once in my chair, I am fired and ready, but especially after getting outside. Ooooh, what a beautiful morning, overcast, but so warm. Supposed to be thunder storms later today, so we're not going to Jonesboro after all.

Gina is ready when we arrive at the salon, and she, Jim, and I discuss what all we are going to do today. For sure a wash and cut. I'm also behind on my coloring (that was so much fun when I started doing that!). She asked if we wanted to do that today, too. Back and forth a bit, and Jim says if she has the time, he thinks we ought to go for everything while we have me out, and can probably handle sitting all that time today (just don't make me walk around the salon is all. Okay. So we go for broke.

I putt, putt around to the shampoo bowls, and give up Oscar. Oh, about Oscar. I have never given my chair a name, but have found myself occasionally calling it Oscar throughout the couple of years I have had it, and said as much to Jim this morning. He said, "Well, the name fits," meaning Granddaddy Gregory, who was crippled. Jim likes to hear me mimick Mammaw standing on the back porch calling him to dinner, he would be out in the fields, she'd call out OsssssCarrrrr. He always heard, it seemed like. Maybe she had to call him twice, I don't know. I just remember him coming in.

Awwww, I get around to the shampoot bowls, then I remember what Wanda told me about getting my hearing aids wet . . . "don't get them wet, take them out," so out they came. Okay for washing, but next came the coloring, so that meant they had to stay out. Nooooo. I didn't like not hearing, or hearing like I used to hear. Unbelieveable that is the way I used to hear. Unbelievable! Sitting at her station I found myself asking "what" for the first time, and asking for someone to repeat themself for the first time in what seemed like a long, long time. I did not like it at all. Give me back my ears!! Give me back my ears! I sound like a toddler banging on their high chair tray for their food! Still have to wait, though until she is through with the coloring. I, also, wasn't banging on anything, either, thank you very much. but sure missed my ears.

When I was waiting at the front door, waiting for Jim to bring the car around, for me to go out, I thought about how little I needed to take with me since we were just running up to the shop, and then coming right back home, so I took the few things I *might* need out, and put my *bag purse* aside. That meant none of the *regulars* like check book, one camera of many (meaning NO camera report for my blot, bah!), bottled water (taking a little coke with me) . . . we weren't going to be gone for long with just a shampoo and cut. Getting my coloring updated was going to throw a wrench into that now, but not too bad. I started to feel sleepy, weak, and a bit hungry, it was near 11:00, and I asked my sweetie who was sitting over on the couch so patiently waiting, "What are we going to do for lunch?" He came around to where I was, and when he took my hand, oh, I felt my heart flutter, it was filled with such love, ugh, cough, cough, Hey, don't laugh! It really was. Don't you think a sixty-eight (68) year old man, and sixty-five (65) year old woman can feel love for each other after forty-six (46) years of marriage any more? He goes to get anything since I am feeling weak and sleeping, he said he doesn't need to watch carbs, and just runs over to Sonic. Oh, let me tell you, I do not remember how long it has been since I have had one, but that hamburger was soooo good!

With everything done, I can put ears back in, and WOW where in the world did that music come from? Gina asked, "You haven't heard that before?" "Nope," says the deaf girl. I mean it was loud, too.

It is cutting time. My hair grows so fast, and I told Gina I think it best we go for it really short in back because of the night sweats, and really short around my ears because it is hard to manage when it gets wet with the sweating there, too. I told her to just let the coloring on the top be the only *styling* because I just am not able to *do* my hair, even on good days. So heeeeeeeeeeere we go. Coloring done, scissors in hand, NO - clippers in hand first......... now scissors............ now

Oh, me, what I was working on for here is taking too long to do, so here it is plain and simple. This was my excitement for today, even though my body, especially my legs, has not cooperated, it has surely been one of the most fun days I've ever had at my own expense. Before, I've said "Let a smile be your umbrella," and now I'm saying "Let a hairdresser be your umbrella if you cannot walk!"

Enjoy, and Have a GREAT day!

Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis

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