Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Middle of the night discovery!

PILLS! Wednesday's pills! What am I going to do with myself. I had started taking them, then . . . ! ? ? ? ?

My friends, this is not on purpose! It also does not include my Myasthenia meds, Mestinon 60 mg, and Mestinon 180 timespan, but it *does* include my Prednisone, my all important one. I have this really bad problem of being right in the middle of something then forgetting what I am doing, sometimes falling asleep while taking them. I mean this is serious. For those of you who send me messages, and you do not hear from me, chances are you have a draft in my Draft folder where I have begun a reply to you, then in the middle having become too exhausted, what I was saying because of being too exhausted to think, my arm and hands weakening too much to type. *MY* Myasthenia world which additionally includes drug side effects, and other diseases.

In the hospital the nurses (Olayinka shown here -- waving to you Yinka; love ya girl - see you next Monday LOL ;-) have to stay with me until they have kept me awake and seen me take every pill because I also drop pills out of the side of my hand due to neuropathy where I cannot feel anything. Jim has helped by putting all my pills in a cup each morning before we sit for our* time. Swallowing is a Myasthenia problem for me, and sometimes I can swallow and sometimes I cannot so I have to wait until later. I found these in the cup, in the bed with me, where I had started to take them, but got interrupted, and forgot to finish the task. We talked about remedies, and everything still hinged on remembering which we both have a problem with. You can see there is one who does her best to remind us, but we have just been failing to understand her until now. Every morning, afternoon, and night, she comes and stands like this. If Jim is sitting in the rocker, she will stand and face him for what seems to be eternity.

She does this until he lifts her up on the bed with me. If he is not around, she waits for a nod of the head from me, then up she comes with a bound, and not towards the foot of the bed, either, but stopping right here in my lap, head and body resting on my laptop or keyboard. Earlier, she took a paw and swiped the keyboard, and saw the monitor change. She sat and watched it a minute; SHE liked that! I'm not too sure about this, ummmm girl? Let's see what happens when we get the red carpetbag out. Might be interesting. Here she sits watch over the cup until Papa fills it for the next day's pills, so she can keep watch over Mama. She really does go up to the cup of pills on the bedside table, sniffs them out, also the drink bottles and cans. Once passed her inspection, she will then lie down. She has been checking my meds for about a year, even while my domain was the couch. Why? What caused her to become my protector? She comes to the scene immediately whenever anything of mine, or anything in my place is being touched or bothered by someone else. After I got my bed, she had a hard time adjusting to people sitting on the couch where I had been lying for almost a year. That was *mama's* place, and they were infringing! She would sit and stare at them, giving them the, not the *Care Bear Stare*, but the *Missie Girl Stare* un til she was satisfied Mama and Papa were going to allow this to keep going on.

Well, this is definitely a subject for another time. Our fur babies all have their own personalities, Missie's being the strangest of all. I guess, too, this covers the *forgetting to take your meds* subject, too, especially if you could hear the background noise of Papa acting silly with the girls. haha I must say, though that it is catching, and it makes these legs want to get up from here and walk, run, dance . . . anything with these legs and feet! Let's GO!!

(Comments welcomed if you ao inclinded... :o)

Jim, Memorial Day Weekend 2007
Papa to Missie, Callie, Anna Kay of Siam, and Precious, the Grandmother

Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis

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