Monday, March 24, 2008

Looking back at Sunday

Lots of things have been going on that is messing with my intended schedule, so here I go with doing the best I can.

I was discharged from the hospital with the severe scalawags (headaches), and I am contending with those, too. What I may have to do is some short, chopped up entries. Just whatever comes, you know me, I'll just roll along with it. Just begging my readers to keep checking with me as I report my IVIG from last week, and get caught up. Didn't get to have any internet during the week I was gone, so I am waaay behind!

Yesterday, Sunday, we took Christen over to Jonesboro to Turtlecreek Mall only to get there, Chili'sand find the mall closed! Everything that is, except for Barnes and Noble with Starbucks in it. Well, phooey! This was to be a Spring shopping trip for Christen, so she was especially disappointed . . . pout, pout. What to do now? No other shopping place. Christen says, "Could we eat at Arbys?" Sure, that sounded good; we do not have one in Blytheville, and always look forward to eating at one. Then, she saw Chili's, and oh, she loves Chili's, so Chili's it is instead!

Being the good blogger that I am, I finally remembered to start taking pictures; didn't think to get one of the mall, but I think I was too surprised to find it closed to think of picture taking because I had already been taking some on the way over there when I thought a state police car was stopping us from in front of us, and wanted to capture THAT on camera. However, it was the car in front of him that he was stopping, so I have a free picture of a state police car with his lights flashing if anyone is interested. Yeah, right.

Christen at Chili'sGot to taking some pictures at Chili's, though, and didn't have good luck with getting good pics of Christen. Seems like I snapped the camera just about the time she was moving her head. Which came first, the head down or the camera snap? Such, such a shame, too, because what a beautiful thirteen year old girl.

Jim at Chili'sHere, l try and see if I can do better with taking Jim's picture. Well, he is older, and doesn't move quite so fast. That probably helps a lot. Plus some planning

Christen at Chili'sOops we missed again! Cannot imagine what is wrong with me, the veteran photographer. No better than this? I have just got to try and do better! I am doing MY best . . . subject is evasive.

Christen looking out the window at Chili'sIt was a beautiful day, and I caught her as she was looking at something outside. Do you believe that? We are having terrible luck. Never before have either of us had so much trouble getting pictures. Just have to keep on trying I guess!

Granddaddy trying to get close to Christen at Chili'sGranddaddy wonders if getting close to Christen will help me any. Oh, my goodness, she happened to move just as he moved her way, and I snapped the camera! She almost fell out of her chair getting away from him. What?!?!? is it going to take to get a good picture of Christen? This is so very unusual. I mean this girl is a camera, picture taking addict almost. Why you should see how often she is adding to her MySpace pictures. Maybe it's because she is used to taking them of herself with one hand. Hmmm. Maybe I should have given her the camera.

Yippee! Christen at Chili's
Well, look, I finally did it, and just the right time, too, for Christen was tired of my efforts, though I was really trying my best. That was it for picture taking inside. I would get some when we got outside as Jim and I usually do. Christen couldn't believe I was still going to be taking more pictures, but then she's not a blogger, is she? She is a teenager with a MySpace, and lots of pictures, so I don't know what happened here yesterday. *very big smile* I was hoping the downer of the foiled shopping trip would be lifting somewhat, but it didn't seem to be working. :(

Once outside, when Jim started loading Oscar into the Expedition, he asked Christen to take pictures of him loading it because I can never do it since I am already in the car.

After giving the camera to Christen, but before getting out of my chair, she took a picture of me in front of Chili's, which I thought was very good. Plus, the princess' *stepping stool* to get into the car (I know you all call it a *truck* but I have not arrived at that point yet) is also caught in the picture. It was amazing at how much it helped the mood once a camera slipped into the palm of that sweet little thirteen year old hand, the hand of my granddaughter. *s*

Probably only my family knows what a difference it is for me to be feeling okay about putting my picture out for it to be seen. This is a BIG turnaround for me. A definite example of my rising self esteem. I have always been tall and thin until my run-in with Prednisone. It changed my facial features so drastically that I would not even look in the mirror unless I just had to because I did not recognize the person there. So, it makes me feel good to share this picture with me in it, not that I *like* it, but that I am accepting it as a part of me at this point in time. I have been so ashamed of how I looked. Not beautiful, but I am acceptable to me now. Nice. And especially with the new hair-do!

Mammaw in front of Chili's

Jim setting up the ramp into the Expedition

Jim setting up the ramp
Jim loading Oscar
Jim loading Oscar
Jim loading Oscar

Settling down to watch a video on the way home, with Oscar loaded in behind her.

Christen had a big fashion trip to St. Louis planned for today. They would be going to a fashion show, spending the night, and doing some *fashion* shopping of their own, looking forward to Spring and Summer. While she watched her movie, Jim and I figured out how to help make her trip a good, fun one, so that by the time we got home to Blytheville, we had enjoyed being in the role of grandparents. For once things worked out that we could do for her whatever we wanted to do. She was unaware of our shenanigans.

While in Jonesboro, Sarah, the girl with whom she was going to St. Louis, text her and wanted her to spend the night. Therefore, when we got back into town, she needed to go by her house to get her clothes for her trip while we ran an errand. When she got into the car, and we told her how we'd gotten her trip pulled together for her, she was very surprised.

One thing I think Christen is wanting to do is to slip into Ashley's thing of asking Mammaw for money for this, that, or whatever. I say this because of what Ashley had told me in the past of tryng to teach Christen how to *work* Mammaw. That is meant in a good way. *s* Anyway, after making sure the fashion shopping trip was backed up, I gave her some money that was to be just for food so that it did not eat into her shopping money. I could just see her having to use all her money on food, and there not being enough for whatever she found at Hollisters. Ummm . . . did this grandmother spell that right without going to check it out?

Want to know if it was all appreciated? Well, in my Inbox this morning I had a notice that I had a comment from Christen, and when I went to my MySpace, there I found the sweetest note from Christen, and that she would take some pictures for us to share whenever she got back home. Now, you tell me. What grandmother could resist such an act such as this. Will the pictures make it? Only if they don't get in the way of her having the time of her life with the others, but the comment from MySpace. Well. That's a done deal, and within the realm of the thirteen year old, and not the grandmother. I told her on the way over to Sarah's that since she went so many years thinking we didn't love her (she asked, "How did you find out?"), that we had some making up to do. From happenings recently, I think she is beginning to believe that she IS loved by granddaddy and me. Christen does not understand one other thing that makes her special, and have her *own* thing the others do not have . . . I cut the cord whenever she was born! Her dad and I were in there with her mom, and he said he just could not do it, and I was thrilled beyond all measure to be able to do it, and snip, snap, I did it, and have always cherished the memory. She'll understand the older she gets.

This is the youngest picture I have of her on this computer.
Gotta do better, Mammaw!

Thanks, Christen for wanting to go shopping yesterday. It was a great diversion for Mammaw and Granddaddy, giving us a chance to shake loose from last week, and gear up for all that is facing us this coming week. It is Spring Break, so maybe we'll be able to get that shopping trip for you and me later in the week. I won't have had the fashion trip, and you know *I* will be ready to go any time the body will allow it. Let's go girl!! Thanks for all the Oscar pictures. Okay, saying good-bye!

Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis

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