Monday, March 10, 2008

The time is now

Okay, it is time to suck it in, pull up the suspenders, and prepare for "tomorrow." Tomorrow being next week's hospitalization for the IVIG treatment, and not coming to *my* home upon discharge. It'll be okay. Time to stop all the snivelling. What a waste of energy, and good, worthwhile time.

The ball is now in a slow roll, and like most things, once you get in the middle of them, and get to working on them, they seem to become smaller, and less daunting. More to that, and much more sweetly, I find Debbie is trying to ease things for me. You see, it is not just the physical part of being in someone else's house, and not mine, but not having Jim taking care of me. It is a trust issue, and I have stated before in this blog that I did not trust anyone else but Jim carring for me. By golly, if Debbie-do is not doing just that! And, it feels good. The fear is disipating. I am even using the picture she took of me the Sunday night when Ashley and Ashton were here, and we all went to Olympia's to eat, and *I* have not finished writing about. Uh Oh. My bad. Need to get caught up on that now, don't I?

Missie Girl and Anna Kay are lying up here in bed with me, Anna Kay just snoozing away across my feet. Missie is up here on my keyboard causing me to be in an awkwad position, but you know what? I can hear her purr! Got it? I am a foot away from her and I can hear her purring!! She is my protector, and until I got my hearing aids I had not been able to hear her purr. Jim would talk about her purring, and I didnt know what he was talking about. This is with her laying in my lap or on my bed. Oh, how I love these hearing aids!

So, the time is now! Time to get the carpetbags out and begin packing them. Also time to start deciding what goes down to Debbie's. It is sounding good!

Striving for a world without Myasthenia Gravis

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