Friday, March 28, 2008

Traveling home!

It is time to sit back, relax, and take a break. The last time we were at Barnes & Noble Jim found us some Gaither and Sandi Patti CDs from the 70s and 80s when we used to go see them in concert. They are now in my iPod to which I have stuck in my ears. At this moment, however, another I have put on here is playing . . . Pink Panther!

It feels good to just let my mind wander with no express purpose as I lie here. Okay, some may say that is the way it is most of the time. I think sweety over there would jump on that one right away, especially if he's been out around town running errands, doing those wifey things that have been thrust his way since becoming my caretaker. Even more so if he has been to the drug store where he has been cutting up with Jerry, and the others down there. What a cut-up!

How much can I talk, though? When I got out of the hospital last Saturday, Jim thought I might like to go some place to eat since eating out of those little plastic containers for the past six days, though I had just gotten something for the ole scalawag just before we left the hospital, and though it was one o'clock, and I'd had no lunch yet, with nothing at all since breakfast. No! Me? Eat? Oh, why, Jim, darling, how sightless how visionary of you . You've always been so sensitive that way, especially when it has come to eating out. :::wrinkling nose::: That's your specialty isn't it? It seems like it is always time to ask, "What do you want to eat for lunch or dinner?" Then you and I have these special diets, but in a way that makes it easier because they automatically cut so many foods out of the list of expostulation - ohhhhhh big word, live on Thesaurus! Ha! Ha! Was it you who said let's go out back go to Outback Steakhouse? Sure sounded good to me. It even felt like we were chasing the scalawag away.

BrittanyWe seem to have gotten here at a good time for the number one handicap place is empty. Well, actually, all the handicap places are empty to be exact. Aren't we so special! Up and out, roll 'em up the ramp, and there is Brittany. "Hellllo, Brittany! How are you today?" What a nice beginning to the outside world. She escorts us to our table where Jessica will be our waitress, and what a treat that will be!

Jessica was a pure delight. We had a most enjoyable dining experience, and it was not only because of the food, as delicious Jessicaas it was, and it was delicious!

Once finished, though, it was time to finish the leg of our journey to Arkansas, and on home to Blytheville! As much as I get go irritated with it, still it is Home Sweet Home sometimes, especially after the week just preceeding it!

When we got outside into the parking lot, and while Jim was setting up the ramp, I just wheeled around taking pictures. Then when we got over into Marion, AR, Jim had to gas up, and I thought and got a picture of the Flash Market where we usually stop for gas and whatever else, plus there is a Sonic just down the street behind it.

As we drove on up I-55 towards Blytheville, I thought about all the people I talk to here on the web in the newsgroups, email groups, blogging community, and anywhere else I might be missing, and though I talk about the flat cotton land all about me, many or most have never seen its vastness - unless you live in Kansas maybe, and that is flat country! Remember my snazzy little red camera, my toy I had to get last month after I wasn't sure if my cutie pink one was dead, or just the battery was dead? I've been soooo happy with it, carrying it about whenever and wherever I go, it and my cell phone always ready for GO, so as we moved along I started snapping pictures out my window at a land that has become so familiar to us.

So some pictures form the rest of our trip home. One thing I noticed while working on these pictures - not a cloud in the sky.

What a beautiful day.


Manic Mom said...

Home sweet home! You just take the time to appreciate everything, and that makes you so very special!

Keep the faith Billie!

ragdoll said...

Yeah, like I'm not the only one who notices and cares for the little things in life. I've not caught up on other blogs I missed during my six days w/o internet cuz I was reading about your week.

It was cool seeing your kids involved with the winner presentations. You keep it up! You are setting a good example.

Wearing your turqouise shirt today? Hee Hee

Ragdoll Billie - on our 46th anniversary!

Cara said...

Your pictures are beautiful!

By the way, there's a new update on the stalker situation. Please have a look.

ragdoll said...

Cara, plan on coming by your way today. My goodness, just realized it is Friday already! This is to be a stormy day here, so a good day for a stalker mystery.

I'm having to set up all new bookmarks and such, and have to readd you.

Ragdoll Billie