Thursday, September 17, 2009

What a wonderful day.....

What a wonderful day. I know we can say that about a lot of days, and I certainly do, but a recent Saturday was a real exception in greatness. The morning crept on, and I had not heard from Jim about the absurdness of even considering the thought of his not coming over (did I get that all twisted and turned around, or what? you guess!). I fired a text off to him.... "Pluuuzzz ... I'll let you come visit me today!" Subtle or what or not... lol! Not very was it? In a few moments, in he walked.

Ken came in not long afterward to visit with Dottie. He had a coupon for Ruby Tuesday he shared with us since we eat there so often. Us? Eat at Ruby Tuesday frequently? No more than at Cracker Barrell like we did recently.....hmmmm was it ever so good, too! It was for crab cakes (actually most any buy one get one, free, ore something or other), and I knew right away that I wanted the crab cake dinner. It is delicious, and i hope with the brocholli it is pretty good for me, too. Couldn't help but snitch a few bites of the mashed potatoes.....very small bites, too.....I promise. :)

Every time Jim comes we "went out" by eating in my room, usually something special we never get to eat otherwise. Looking over this coupon stirred my appetite the for crabcake diner. It is really, oh. so good! Now for me to sway from from Ruby Tuesday Ribs it has to be super.....and it is! So. This was our decision. No good sandwich for us this time; a meal. Nearing eleven, Jim went on to get our food while my mouth began to water, tasting the crabcake about to pass my palate. It may sound silly, but we were going to get tea for two also; they have they delicious tea!

They can talk about *primed rib* and anything else *primed* but I was primed without the usual "what do you want to eat" routine we normally bark upon because it sound good to Jim, too.

After the hmmm gooods were done, and the trash gathered and disposed of, we set about gathering the latest news between us. Today also included a shopping list to Wal-mart. I try my best to not incude those, but invariably there is something I am needing from there, but there is always something I am needing.

We started about cleaning out the middle drawer of the chest best beside my bed. It was still as Brenda had left it when she was here, and there was quite a bit that needed changing, plus chunging chunging a word.....let's just pretend it is for now.

One of the things I've been doing is trying to recapturing my drawing. :o( Well, my pencils came up missing, and I know they were here. Without a big long spiel about knowing they were here, and belief they were still here, I had set about looking and looking for them. I was just sure I had seen them waaaay under my bed.... how far under a twin bed can you go..... but could not reach them even with my reacher. It was one of the first places I had Jim to look. He got my reacher, and I knew he was reaching for something, and it was probably the pencils. Little did I know it was going to yield a small gold mind encased in silver. Yes, he identified the pencil bag, which he did very demurely. Oh, I was so happy to see that mesh bag with those pencils inside of it!

There was discovery after discovery, and after each discovery we Praised the Lord, for it was evident He was pouring them on, one blessing after another. What more could there be. Reminds me of a Gaither song that says "If he keeps on blessing and blessing, if he keeps on pouring them on....?"

It makes you wonder just how much more wonderful it can be doesn't it?

It makes me long for each new day, for........

I know my God is real..... yes, He's real, He's real to me!

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