Tuesday, September 29, 2009

If you can't fly, then WALK!

Yes, that is what I did yesterday, September 28th. I still cannot believe you would call it walking, but I put one foot in front of the other and propelled myself onward.....yes, forward. My goal was there. I had done it when being assesed for what I could do, but for some reason this was different. It was just *B* and me. I stood. Tested those legs. Looked at *B*. Nodded, then said, "Let's go," letting out a breath at the same time. I stopped at a metal chair we had set up there just in a certain position so that if I needed to sit down, it was exactly where I wouldn't need to take a step, or movement change of any kind, but rather just plop myself right down and maybe write myself a letter.....no, no.....rest my probable, shaky, weak legs. Not much problem, but getting up posed a new problem. My feet were slippery on the floor.....no traction. Uh, oh. What were we going to do. There we were in the middle of the floor, nothing surrounding us. Then *B* put her forefinger to her face (really she did) and stood before me, touching my bare toes with her shoes, and looked firmly before my eyes, no smile of any kind....no foolishness here. There was something between our fingers, our hands, our arms.....less try it again, and let's GO.....YES!! Up I came again, and off I went, letting go, and on my own again.... running down the runway oops I'm not flying, just walking toward the bathroom. *B* was waiting for me there, and when I arrived she looked at me and virtually shouted, "You made it!" Who ever had someone praise them upon reaching the bathroom? Out of breath, I was SO happy. I looked up at her eyes. I could smile!

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