Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Something new is in the air

Seems to me, it ought to be, something good for me, if I go outside, and do something like draw or make things with my pipe cleaners ..... *how about some books from the craft section on how-to* ..... or whatever it may be while I breathe the air, newer than that that is flowing through my air mattress :-).

I've already printed pictures this morning, and have some more in mind; oh, I hope they don't bring on the food too soon! They can be cut out while I'm out there. I also made a pipe-cleaner mobile that I hang the three from Utah on. Crude, rather crude, I say, but hay, it's of my young'uns, and what could be better!

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Gillian said...

Billie, I have so worried about you . There were so few posts, and you were agonizing, both physically and mentally.

I should have known that you would NEVER give up!!


Gill/Gillian Murray
Hugs from a computer friend,