Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Back out again

I don't what the deal is, but I am back down again. Very easily could be the stress of having an appointment with Cauli in Jonesboro tomorrow, and then the lithotripsy Friday in Memphis. Whatever it is, I'm just a-feeling poorly today with it hurting to sit up straight, but..... that is the way I am suppossed to stay all the time. Bummer!! I've got to go looking for something to cheer this up, and maybe at the same time, it will cheer me, too.

It very well could be that I might be suffering from the same thing that happened to this poor fellow right here. Final diagnosis has not been rendered yet, but I have a suspicious feeling he and I suffer from a similar disease, and I don't bellieve it is MG.


Jocelyn said...

Hi Ragdoll. Iam so sorry that you are feeling down. You still seem to have a sense of humor and that is good. I have noticed a lot less postings from Team Larson in the past few days. I am so sorry they are having to face their current problems and pray for a miracle from God for Coleman. I received the posting from AJ's Daddy on what we could do to help with the paarticion. I am going to take some forms with me to our Women's Christmas Breakfaast on Saturday. Let me hear from you when you feel like posting again. Love you. Jocelyn

Ragdoll Billie said...

Hi Jocelyn. I *guess* this is all MG, I don't know, but I go to the MG neuro dr. today after a horrible night last night that I only partially remember. It had Jim up taking care of me. I was cold, and my lower legs and feet were in terrible pain. It was more like a dream, yet so real, much like when I was in St. Francis and they were about to put in in ICU. I'll talk to Cauli today thank goodness, but my left lower leg hurts sooo bad.

I got a letter from Peggy a week or so ago, and I just sent one to her yesterday, I think it was. Isn't it awful to get old! Then add these ailments on to the top of everything! LOL How are you? What is your latest reports.

Love you