Monday, December 22, 2008

Lithotripsy - Nothing to eat or drink!

The day is finally here. Putt, putt out to the trailer in 11 degree weather outside the warmth of the hospital.

Brrrrr...... I'll have to wrap up warmly this time for the few feet I'll be outside. I'll bet I'll be one of the few patients who has made that trek the most times, and I STILL will not be done blasting those stones away, just hitting the largest one, the one a size of a dime today in hopes that will be sufficient for the go-ahead for the back surgery.

Who in their right mind would be anxious for back surgery? Anyone who might be looking at less pain, better walking and stability, and a myriad of similar things. Please just bare with me as I recover from my IVIG last week, and this today, Christmas, and then I hope to be back on track once again!

Just in case I do not get another post in here before Christmas, here is my Christmas wish for you, and I do hope you have a good one with LOVE flowing all around with those whom you love.

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