Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Current state of being 4/21

This day actually began during the night as we worked to get that second unit of blood down. Sleep has been an off and on thing, mostly off with snips of snoozes hear and there between the morphine. Where or where did morphine ever get the hint of being a bad drug? I watch the clock, I call, then I watch and wait for the nurse to come with that syringe bearing tidings of hopeful relief, though it's usually not much,

7:30 a.m. the first shot of the day proper (thank you Kelli :) has brought some relief but still straddling the post somewhat. I'm feeling a bit discouraged this morning, what with the different opinions of the doctors.

10:45 a.m. PORT ACCESSED!! THANK YOU RHONDA!!!!!!!!!! I'm forever grateful for what you did. I'm still basking in the aftermath, and trying to remember how it was before whenever my port would be accessed. I'm just so excited, and I think that each time the lab comes for blood, they don't have to look for an available, working vein.

11:40 a.m. Yeah! Morph! This one may work, though I am climbing the fence post while not straddled it.

Steadily getting the morphine every two (2) hours, come rain or come shine. Also getting the enema with steroids to help reduce the bleeding at ten every morning. It works for a while, but not for very long.

Jocelyn called.
JIM AND JOCELYN ARE COMING TO SEE US THURSDAY, and staying until Sunday. Talk about friendship. This is the epitome.

Melissa from One Day Surgery came down and visited a good while, and it was while she was here that there was some increase in flow and pain. Morph to the rescue.

However, there is no relief in the low abdomen, right side pain.

Path report is back. No evidence of cancer cells. There is evidence of inflammation of the ulcer and surrounding tissue. More information later after I've had a chance to talk to JIm, but this is it for now. "The sun will come out tomorrow...!"

Let's go Ragdoll.

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